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Seed Fund FAQ

What are you looking for?required info from applicants

  • URL (if you don’t at least have a public or private prototype we aren’t going to invest)
  • Budget for the next 12 months
  • Overview of your business model and market
  • Resume / bio / description of the team’s qualification

What kind of companies are you interested in?
While we’re most interested in the people behind the business, we are focused on community driven commerce focused startups.

What is the best way to pitch Birchmere Labs?
We love entrepreneurs and enjoy meeting with people to discuss their ideas, but we’ve found the best ideas come to us from people we know who also know the founders. Therefore, we prioritize highest opportunities that are referred and endorsed by people we know and trust. Want to figure out who we know & trust? Please check out our LinkedIn Profiles.

What is Birchmere’s philosophy?
Birchmere Labs is part of Birchmere Ventures. For more information about how we look at the world – please check out our Birchmere Manifesto and Birchmere Labs Specific Manifesto.

How will I know if you’re interested in investing?
We have been entrepreneurs and know the most precious resource you have is time. Therefore, once we meet with have met and had a chance to use your prototype or working app, we’ll let you know as quickly as possible if we’re interested in investing or not. We typically don’t lead investment rounds, so often this will start a process of talking to investors with whom we have relationships that we believe would be strong partners for you and your business. Of course if you already have a lead investor, we can discuss partnering with them.