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Announcing Birchmere Labs

Announcing the launch of Birchmere Labs, an extension of the highly successful Birchmere Ventures investment platform.   Birchmere Labs is an early stage seed & studio fund focused on community driven commerce startups.

Since 1996 Birchmere Ventures has consistently generated first-quartile returns investing in strongly IP-differentiated companies addressing engineering-heavy problem spaces in such sectors as cleantech, medical devices, and technology.

However, the rapid evolution of software development and platforms, together with the advent of the “always on” mobile economy, has given rise to many exciting investment opportunities outside the core Birchmere investment model.  To pursue these opportunities, we’re today launching Birchmere Labs focused on “community driven commerce” startups.  These web and mobile startups will feature strong network effects enabling rapid viral growth, while delivering value from the first user via transaction-based revenue models.

Birchmere Labs is a studio and seed fund:  we will both develop our own startups within the labs (studio fund) and invest in existing early stage startups (seed fund).   This integrated portfolio model, developed after studying numerous web and mobile early stage investors and accelerators, will provide strong synergies to both the companies we launch internally and fund externally.

Birchmere Ventures adds Sean Ammirati to our investment team as lead partner for Birchmere Labs.  Sean is an entrepreneur with experience building and selling businesses in the media and software industries.  Most recently Sean was COO of ReadWriteWeb, one of the most influential web sites about the future of the technology and innovation.  In December 2011, the company was acquired by SAY Media to strengthen its technology channel.   Sean was previously co-founder and CEO of mSpoke, which was the first acquisition of LinkedIn.  Sean is also an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.

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