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Birchmere Labs Manifesto

In addition to the Birchmere Ventures Manifesto, which we completely embrace & support. The following are some specific principals for Birchmere Labs:

  • Design and the user experience are not an afterthought but a key source of differentiation.
  • Many ideas can be tested and refined before writing a line of code and that is encouraged behavior.
  • We don’t have MVPs but do believe in minimally awesome products (MAPs).
  • Stealth mode is for the weak and ultimately just slows down progress – transparency & anti-stealth are always preferred.
  • Solutions don’t exist by themselves so leveraging platforms and APIs should be the default behavior unless there is a rare reason to avoid it. (Note this is both leveraging other platforms & creating access to ours via APIs.)
  • One of the greatest things about technology is its ability to connect people, therefore we will design solutions with a community in mind.
  • A site’s or app’s responsiveness matters – slow versions of apps are death to most users.

This is the first version, like our companies we will iterate & learn so expect future versions.