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Helping Break Through the Noise

At Birchmere Labs we believe there has never been a better time to create web and mobile startups. While it’s gotten significantly less expensive to get off the ground, it’s still very challenging to break through the noise and get to scale creating meaningful businesses. Therefore, we work with companies to do this both in our seed fund and with entrepreneurs in our studio.

Specifically, we help break through the noise by:

  • Focus: we only invest and start companies around the theme of “community driven commerce” startups
  • Help deliver customers (more than money): while every investor says they add value beyond the money they invest, we go further by committing upfront to proactively work with you to introduce you to strategic partners and customers in our network

We also have a strategic partnership with Ogden Newspapers, a diversified media corporation that publishes over 50 newspapers, magazines, and shopper supplements in 12 states across the country.  These media properties provide distribution opportunities and communities for early customer interactions.